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Erik Bill

Erik Bill

Erik Bill


Beautiful Boise, Idaho.


I work at our local co-op, providing health foods and hard-to-find items to the town. I also work at Powderhaus Brewing, a local brewery that was started by a blader!


My brother got me into skating 20 years ago. It's the only thing I have cared about for that much of my life. I can't get enough of it. From leisurely skating bar to bar to heavily filming for video parts....I love it all.


I have helped promote companies I truly believe in (like I'm doing right now!). I have filmed and edited several skate videos that have done quite well internationally. I have put out a handful of parts that I am proud of and some folks seem to like 'em. I started The NDN and it has become a huge group of pals that I'd do anything for. Most of all, I feel accomplished in knowing that I can go anywhere and have a buddy to hang with.


I want to get K2's on everybody's feet. Doesn't matter if it's transportation, fitness, speed or ripping spots on the streets. I've spoken to a couple schools about how great blading is...I plan on making that happen more often. I want to continue to film parts, shoot photos, and progress...it's what keeps me sane!