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Juan Mosqueda

Juan Mosqueda

Juan Mosqueda


Los Angeles, CA




Born and raised on the beach in Cali. Ive been skating for 24 years of my 34 years on this earth. Capturing images, and skating are my two biggest passions, aside from being a Dad (I have an 8 year old named Jaxon)

Skating has had such a huge impact on my life. I got my start with cinematography through skating. In turn, I toured all over and shot the best skaters in the US. Through skating, I helped create footage for biggest companies, events, and skaters. It gave me my start, and I'm super grateful for it.


Every goal I set for myself in skating, I achieved. For me skating wasn’t about becoming a “Pro” it was more of “being a Pro” with what I do and living the lifestyle. And thats what filming skating gave me. best of both worlds.

One of my goals though was to be in Daily Bread (best magazine ever). I have also made my way on to a few edits, but really I just feel honored to have gotten the opportunity to do what I love.


My goals for skating these days...I want to help re-generate a snowball affect, with inline skating. its such great way to get around, its so much fun, and its an awesome work out. I want to share it with as many people as I can.

I also want to travel around and skate, just like the old days. I've got a few skate edit ideas in mind so stay tuned. I really just want get up and Go Sk8!