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Lari Dal Lago

Lari Dal Lago

Lari Dal Lago


Toronto, Canada


Accounting/ Sub-Chef / Skater


I am from Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela and I’ve been an aggressive skater for almost 16 years. I got in this passion after I saw a few kids grinding a rail and jumping stairs, it was amazing. So, I decided to save money for a while and months later I got my first pair of aggressive skates. The funny thing is that at that moment it was a pair of K2 skates hehe. From that moment on, skating has been part of my life.

After I got my Bachelor's Degree I decided to move to Canada to improve my English and continue skating. Now I am in Toronto, and I want to help motivate the new generation of local bladers in the city and keep traveling and attending contests around the world.


Since I started in aggressive skating, I have been travelling around the American continent while skating in different cities, competitions, exhibitions and making videos. My last competition results in South America were:

 -Playas International World Fest - Ecuador 2010 – 1st place open at the street competition.

- I Love Roll Ccs – Venezuela 2011 – 2nd place open street competition.

- Santander Xtremo - Colombia 2011 – 1st place pro at the skatepark and 3rd place pro at the Street. 

- Anniversary of Sixteenzone Zoo park – Venezuela 2012 – 2nd place open skatepark. 

- Roller Competition Hugo El Duro – Venezuela 2014 - 2nd place pro skatepark.

After I moved to Canada I started to go to bigger competitions in other parts of the world, like the Winterclash 2015 in the Netherlands and the Blading Cup 2016 in the United states.

Finally, I feel so proud to have 2 pro model wheels with my name on it. One in 2013 and the other in 2016 with the brand Zeus Wheels.


My goals are to keep skating as much as I can, make blading videos around the world; in addition, I want to help the new generation of skaters through supporting events, contents, exhibitions and everything that helps this sport grow stronger, while working closely with K2 Skates to achieves these goals.