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Your dealer will provide assistance with determining which K2 skate model will best suit your skating needs.

K2 Skates makes several series of skates, with several models in each Series. Each series and model is intended to meet the performance needs of a specific target skater. A conversation with your local K2 Skates dealer about your skating skills, experience, technique, and intended use will go a long way in choosing the correct model.


Get your foot measured in a shoe store on a Brannock scale! Do not trust the size of your street shoes.

When your skates fit properly, you have better balance, more control, and more power; not to mention less blistering and less cramping.

K2 Inline Skates are manufactured to men's and women's specific foot lasts. They fit true to your measured U.S. shoe size in an average width. As proper fit is of great importance to comfort, be sure to try on your skates before use, whenever possible. When making an online purchase, K2 recommends ordering true to measured shoe size for K2 Skates, assuming an average width foot. If you have a wide foot, we recommend purchasing one half size over measured to accomodate volume.

*Important: When you are trying on your skates for the first time, make sure that your heel is positioned deep in the heel pocket of the skate. While sitting down, put the skate on and kick the heel back into the skate.


Stand with your skates laced and your heel snug in the heel cup. Your toes should just barely feather the end of the toe box. Then bend forward into a skating stance. Your toes should pull back slightly from the toe box. Cramped toes are bad, but so are loose, sloppy skates. Sizing is a preference; however, a snug fit enables better response from your skates.


You want an even yet snug fit. To achieve this fit, adjust your laces and/or power straps to alleviate pressure and spread support evenly over your entire foot.


Both are important but in different places. Forward flex is critical to maintaining the right skating stance: knees bent, with shoulders and head centered over the skates. Lateral stability, on the other hand, is crucial for a powerful, comfortable stroke.